Friday, April 22, 2016

Thu 4/21 - Upper (LA Fitness)

Workout: LA Fitness

58 + 12 = 70 mins

Went to LA Fitness this morning before work. Started with incline and seated row superset. Both were good. Incline reps were all controlled and paused. Had a bit of a grinder on the last rep of the 3rd set to get 3x10 and was pleased with that. Next I supersetted iso incline and iso shoulder press with vbar pulldowns and wide grip pulldowns.  Those 6 movements were the meat of the WO.

Next I did overhead rope extensions with incline curls and heavy crunches. I hadn’t done these in a while and I remember why now. I like them, but they’re hard on my wrists if I try to go heavy at all. I bumped to 40#’s for curls and got 8 reps. Not bad, but I didn’t want to drop below that rep number, so I went lighter on the 2nd set. My abs were still hurting from my last WOwhen I did heavy crunches today, so I only did 2 sets.  Next I supersetted cable delt raises with body weight crunches. Finished up with rear delt raises and chest fly’s. Both of these feltgreat and I was able to go a lot heavier on fly’s than I thought I would. I’ve been doing more of these lately, and it’s showing in strength and visually.  Very good WO.

I weighed 171.2 this morning

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