Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sat 2/14 - Push Day

Workout: LA Fitness
(60#DBShldr)11,9,8,7 - Good

82 + 8 w/u = 90 mins

Sarah and I did a push WO today. Started w/ DB shoulder press and it was great. Dropped reps progressively, but that's expected and great work. Don't know that I've ever gotten 11 reps /60's before. Incline was good. Shoulder started hurting. Supersetted dips and leg raises. Supersetted later delt on machine with crunch twists. Supersetted rope extensions and upright rows. Did upright rows on cable pull today. Did some rope extensions for some more triceps work and finished WO w/ some fly's. Good WO.


I weighed 183.6 this morning.

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