Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tue 2/24 - Stripped Down Full Body

Workout: Work Gym
(65#DBShldr)7,6,6 - Very good

42 + 8 w/u = 50mins

Didn't have a lot of time and won't have time for a WO tomorrow so I did a stripped down full body WO. I started first group with DB shoulder press and bumped up weight to 65#DB's. Was pleased with 7,6,6 for reps. Supersetted with smith BOR's where I bumped the weight from previous WO's also and no cheat reps. Finished first group with leg press. (19mins)

Started group 2 with a superset of incline and pulldowns. Incline wasn't heavy, but all paused reps. For legs in the 2nd group I just did leg curls. (34mins)

Accessory work were crunch twists, dips and pushdowns.  Awesome WO. Some good work in a short time. (42mins)


I weighed 184.2 this morning.

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