Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fri 2/27 - SD Full Body

Workout: LA Fitness
(65#DBShldr)8,7,7 - Great!

59 + 10 w/u = 69mins

Awesome shoulder press, 3 more reps than last WO (which I felt was really good too). I supersetted shoulder press with BOR's. Not real heavy, but strict form. Felt good. Then supresetted leg press w/ 8 plates for sets of 12 with leg raises in the Capt. chair. 25mins

Incline was OK. R shoulder/pec still real problematic, so just did 3 sets of 8 paused reps. Supersetted with pulldowns.  Then I supersetted leg curls with crunches. 21/46mins

Supersetted rope extensions with rear delt raises. Then Supersetted upright rows with lateral delt raises. 13/59mins

Excellent WO. Need to do something more than leg curls for ham/glute work. Something like SLDL's or DB swings.

I weighed 185.6 this morning.

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