Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sun 2/1 - Pull Day (w/ deadlift)

Workout: LA Fitness

76 mins + 5 w/u = 81 mins

Brutal WO today. I bumped up the weight on DL by 10#'s for 5x5. Seated rows after deadlift was tough, but I got more reps than I thought. Supersetted rows with leg raises in the capt. chair - explosive up and tried to really control legs on the way down. I could really feel this in lower abs. Next we did leg press supersetted with crunches.

Pulldowns were good. 3 heavy sets with on back-off set with a good squeeze at the bottome. The light weight felt super easy for the first couple of reps but got really tough by the end. Good work. Seal rows were good. Next we supersetted a couple sets of hammer curls with rear delt raises. WO was done as written here, but we had a couple extra minutes so we did some upright rows and some more rear delt work.

Very good WO. Pleased with progression on DL. Deadlift, some leg work and full pull routine was a lot. I'm beat.

I weighed 183.4 this morning.

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