Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wed 6/21 - Push Day

Workout: Golds

27 + 6 = 33 mins

Push WO over lunch. Felt pretty good during incline warmup and wanted to go heavier than 75#DB’s, but really know I shouldn’t and I’ll be working out again Friday and Saturday. Still in a big caloric deficit, so have to be careful about volume and intensity. So anyway, 2 sets incline with 2 sets reverse crunches. Then raised the angle of the incline and did 1 set. Then 2 sets of shoulder press. Supersetted those with 3 sets of crunches. Finished up with overhead triceps extensions 1 very good heavy set, one lighter on short rest, then 2 sets chest raises. Heavy  triceps work is still painful, but that first set of overhead extensions was great. Good WO. In and out in just over 30 mins.

I weighed 167.2 this morning.

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