Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wed 6/14 - Upper

Workout: Golds

45 + 10 = 55 mins

WO over lunch today. R shoulder has still been bothering me, but my assumption at this point is that it’s not going really get any better while I’m dieting. I’m just not eating enough to recover/heal.  So anyway, I’ll baby it a bit and probably try not to use incline as my main movement every WO for a while. That’ll be hard though because it’s such a part of my routine and a very good gauge of how I’m maintaining strength.

Warmups felt OK so I went ahead and did 80#DB’s.  First set was very good. 2nd set I worked hard on the 9th rep. Last set I was hoping to get 8, but had to really work for 7. Very good effort. I supersetted incline with BOR’s and they felt heavy for this weight today. Next I did DB shoulder press with pull-ups. Between the first and 2nd set a friend asked me about my diet, and boy can I go on and on about dieting.  So, I had about an 8 minute break between sets. That’s why my numbers went up on both movements for the 2nd set. Pull-ups are feeling great. Effortless until the later reps and I’m not going to failure. No body movement, just float up on most of the reps. Lower body weight certainly helps here, but today I thought they’d be tougher since I was doing them after bent over rows.

Next I did rope extensions (triceps) with heavy EZ bar curls and weighted crunches. Finished up with rear delt fly’s, crunch twists and some chest raises. I really wanted to do chest fly, but that can be pretty rough on my shoulders, so I’ll save it for the weekend when I’m eating a bit more.  Very good WO today.

I weighed 168.2 this morning. Feeling pretty good. Getting pretty close.  Same weight as last Wednesday though.

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