Monday, June 12, 2017

Sat 6/10 - Mount Mitchell Hike

Mount Mitchell Hike
12 miles, about 7 hours.
6 miles from Black Mountain Campground up to the summit of Mount Mitchell. Highest peak East of the Mississippi (6,684 feet). 3,700 feet elevation gain.
6 miles down back to camp.

Nice hike. Non-stop uphill for 6 miles. Mountain Laurel was in full bloom and was beautiful. Views at the observation platform at the top were great. We got a clear day, which only happens 2 of every 10 days.  There's a parking lot near the summit, so the observation platform and area up top were fairly crowded. That took something away from it for me.  When I'm out in the woods/mountains hiking, I don't really like being surrounded by a lot of people. Still very nice.

A stream runs along the border of Black Mountain Campground and after the hike, Sarah and I waded into the stream and soaked our feet.  The water was FREEZING and numbed our feet. Felt absolutely wonderful after the hike.

Great day, with a great partner.  Marrying this wonderful woman in 2 weeks.

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