Monday, October 17, 2016

Sat 10/15 - Hike - Alum Cave trail to Mt. LeConte, Myrtle Point & Cliff Tops.

Great hike up Alum Cave trail to Mt. LeConte with Sarah. Half way up the hike is Alum Cave. Really neat stone cave/wall. We hiked straight past the lodge at Mt. LeConte to Cliff Tops because it was starting to cloud up and we  wanted to see if we could catch some view.  Glad we hustled up there because the views were fantastic, but were clouded over w/in about 5 mins.

We hiked back down to the lodge at LeConte and had lunch on the deck overlooking the valley. It cleared up so we hiked up to Myrtle Point .7 miles further up the mountain where we had awesome views. We returned via a trail to Cliff Tops again, more great views, then back down the trail to the car.

The beginning/end of the hike near the trailhead was along a stream and really pretty.  Just a fantastic hike with tons of great features.  Trail was in incredible shape. It's closed Mon-Thurs for maintenance, and it shows.  They've done a TON of work on this trail.  Great for walking/hiking.

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