Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thu 10/6 - Pull Day

Workout: Ida Lee (Leesburg, VA)

52 + 3 = 55 mins

Drove to Leesburg late Wed night, got to bed around 12:30, woke up at 5AM and went to the gym at Ida Lee for a pull WO. Started with 3 sets pull-ups. Felt OK. Haven’t done them in a while since my elbows have been cranky and for some reason pull-ups seems to bother them. Sets felt better as they went on. I didn’t really warm up, so  that might have had something to do with it. Then we did BOR/SLDL combo. I started with 155#’s. Rows felt good, but going right into SLDL after BOR got really hard so I dropped the weight to 135. That was still hard work. Brutal superset with no rest.

Then we did vbar grip pulldowns supersetted with leg raises for 2 sets each. Then we did seated rows with more leg raises for 2 more sets each. Finished up with heavy rear delt raises, light-ish curls and rear delt fly’s. Although the weight was quite light for curls, it didn’t feel easy. Hard to do much weight with my elbows right now, and because of them, I haven’t done any curls in a couple of weeks.  All the pull work before them added to the difficulty as well.  Good pull WO.

No scale and am not tracking food or weight for the next 4 days.

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