Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wed 6/1 - Upper

Workout: Golds

53 + 5 = 58 mins

WO over lunch today. Started with incline/seated row superset. Incline was going well and I wanted to beat 9 reps on the 2nd set from last WO. I got the 10th rep, but it was a grinder so I paid the price on the 3rd set. I shouldn’t have tried for 10 on that 2nd set. I’m hard headed and don’t learn easily.  I did a back-off 4th set on incline and stuck with the weight for 4 sets on seated rows. Next was iso shoulder/pulldown superset.  Shoulder press was OK, wide grip pulldowns felt heavy after 4 sets of rows so I had to drop the weight after the first set.

Next I did triceps rope extensions with abs. For abs I did lying leg raises followed immediately by crunches (I couldn’t do very many after leg raises). Very good ab combo. Tough!  Then I did curls and rear delt superset. I went up to 40#DB’s on curls. Finished up with 1 set each of hammer curls and lateral raises.

I weighed 172.0 this morning. Still stuck in this terrible cycle of cutting all week and then eating a TON each weekend and making no downward progress. At least I've been able to keep things in check with hard cutting during the week.  Hopefully things will stabilize in a couple of weeks once we're more settled in the new house.

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