Friday, June 3, 2016

Fri 6/3 - Full Body

Workout: Golds

49 + 6 = 55 mins

Quick WO at lunch. I was just going to do something light and 2 sets of everything. Iso incline felt good warming up and I bumped up to 75#’s today. First 2 sets felt good so I decided to do a 3rd set, then a back-off set. I stuck with 3 sets of rows since it was higher reps. Then I did heavy vbar pulldowns for 2 sets + a back-off set with shoulder press. Shoulder press felt heavy so I did 2 sets + a back-off set here as well.

Then I did a leg press and SLDL superset for some lower body work. Going to try to work in legs slowly, but hopefully consistently. Then I did rope extension and face pull superset. Finished up with some cable lateral delt raises with crunches.  Good WO.

I weighed 171.6 this morning.  Will try not to go hog wild with food this weekend.

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