Friday, June 10, 2016

Fri 6/10 - Upper

Workout: Golds

60 mins

Had a full body WO written out and then scrapped it when I started thinking about how my hamstrings and lower back felt last weekend after my FB WO. This weekend is going to be a lot of yard work, so I’m sure plenty of bending over and squatting down to pull weeds.  So…I scrapped that when I got to the gym and did an upper WO.  I hadn’t done DB incline in a couple of weeks so I wanted to do a couple of “heavy” sets to see where things stood (both my shoulder pain and strength). While I warmed up on incline, I did 3 working sets of Bent Over Rows. Incline was OK. First set with 80#DB’s felt pretty good at 8 reps. 2nd set bothered my R shoulder and I only got 7 reps. Mildly disappointed it wasn’t at least 2x8, but decent work considering I hadn’t done any heavy DB incline in quite a while. I supersetted incline with crunches.

Then I did iso incline for 3 good sets, supersetted with iso rows. Then I did shoulder press with pulldowns and leg raises.  Next were curls, heavy pushdowns and cable lateral raises. Heavy pushdowns felt good. Finished up with some rope pushdowns and face pulls.  Good WO. Going to try to eat at maintenance today, or slightly over.

I weighed 170.2 this morning.  Feeling pretty good about that. We’ll see how the weekend goes :-D

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