Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sat 5/28 - Upper (condo gym)

Workout: Condo Gym
(65#Inc)16,12,11 - Great 1st set

45 + 5 = 50 mins

Quick early morning WO before finishing up moving out of the Condo and into the new house in Mint Hill.

Started with incline & seated row superset. Incline was good, and I think 16 reps with 65# DB’s was a PR (of sorts). Next we did DB shoulder press & pulldown superset.  Next was triceps pushdowns, DB curls and lying leg raise triple-set. I did 2 sets of curls with 35#DB’s and 1 set hammer curls with 40#DB’s. Finished up with some rear and lateral delt work. Real good WO in the amount of time we had. Spent rest of the day moving and cleaning.  Actually, we spent the Memorial day weekend moving and cleaning (just updating my log 4 days late).

I weighed 172.0 this morning.

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