Friday, June 24, 2016

Sun 6/19 - Upper (Gym at Ida Lee in Leesburg)

Workout: Ida Lee Gym

61 + 5 = 66 mins

Sarah and I were up in Leesburg for Gregg’s High School graduation. I got together with Pete for coffee at 7am and then we met up at the Ida Lee gym for a quick WO before meeting the boys for brunch. Elena was sick and couldn’t make it.

Started with DB incline and pulldowns. On incline I asked Sarah to make sure I stopped at parallel. I think going too deep on my pressing movements has been a factor in my shoulder problems. This is hard to get used to, AND it makes the movement harder. There’s no stretch reflex or momentum from going deeper. These were good, and the pulldown machine was awesome. Great movement pattern.  Next we did a machine shoulder press and standing cable rows.

Then we supersetted skull crushers with front raises. Next we did some curls and delts (lateral raises and rear delt fly’s). Finished up with some fast supersets with no rest of crunches and planks. Then off to eat pancakes and an omelet.

No idea what I weighed today, but I’ll be eating a lot over the entire weekend.

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