Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fri 6/17 - Upper (trying new chest movements)

Workout: Golds

53 + 2 = 55 mins

Started with DB incline and pull-ups today.  Incline was good, paused reps. Very happy with 15 pull-ups on first set. Next I tried a new movement for chest - I did reverse grip DB incline. It felt a bit awkward, but I’ll try it again. It certainly worked the chest and triceps well. I supersetted these with iso rows.  Then I did another new chest movement, side/cross-chest incline. Hard to explain, but you sit sideways in the iso lateral press machine, and press the weight across and “up”.  Really works the upper chest. I supersetted these with heavy rear delt fly’s. I finished up with some rope extensions,
decline crunch twists (great) and a set of curls.

I weighed 170.6 this morning, but a weekend away coming up so we'll see what happens.

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