Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sun 5/22 - Lower (Ironbound)

Workout: Ironbound Gym

64 mins

Wanted to get in a WO this morning before going to my sister’s for brunch and then sitting in the car all day driving home to Charlotte. Since we did upper yesterday, that left us basically one option…a lower day. We started off with leg press. Started light (which didn’t feel super light, BTW) and worked up to 6 plates for real working sets. This was kind of pathetic, and my legs were feeling it big time. But hey, I haven’t done legs in a LONG LONG time. Been doing a lot of hiking, but that’s not like doing real leg work in a gym.  I was planning on doing deadlifts next, but my hamstrings were already cramping up and tight, so I thought that was going to be a REALLY bad idea.  So instead I did power cleans while Sarah did SLDL’s.  The power cleans were a lot of fun, and Ironbound has a great deadlift platform with padded sides so you can drop the weights. Great for dropping the weight after cleans, in this case.  I did 4 sets and the last set I did clean and presses.  Good hard work.

That was about enough for “legs” today, so we moved on to a core circuit of russian twists with a medicine ball, crunches and planks. 4 times through that circuit was an awesome core WO.

So, I'll list this as a "lower body day", because I actually did an exercise that involved the legs in the gym. But it was really just a good WO and a nice changeup that I'll try to start incorporating more frequently in my WO's.

I weighed 179.0 this morning. Yep, ate a lot at the wedding last night, and had yogurt and ice cream when I got home.

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