Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sat 5/21 - Upper (Ironbound Gym - Williamsburg)

Workout: Ironbound - love this gym

82 + 8 = 90mins

Started with DB incline and t-bar row superset. I hadn’t done DB incline in a couple of weeks since I hurt my shoulder, so I was fairly pleased with the reps with 80#DB’s here. Tbar row was good. We did 3 sets of DB incline, then did 2 sets of iso incline, with 5 sets of Tbar rows.  Good start to the WO.  Next we did iso shoulder press with vbar pulldowns.  Both were pretty good.

Next we did skull crushers with curls. Curls were 2 sets incline curls, 1 set hammer curls.  Then we did 2 sets each of rope pushdowns and rear delt fly’s with 4 sets of decline crunches.  Finished up with 2 sets of cable lateral raises with chest fly’s.  Good WO at IronBound gym in Williamsburg.  Love this gym.

I weighed 171.4 this morning on my scale at Mom’s house. At a decent amount today, and then a lot at the wedding and dessert after at home. Weight is going to be high tomorrow.

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