Friday, March 11, 2016

Thu 3/10 - Upper (Golds)

Workout: Golds Gym

40 + 9 = 49

I joined the Golds Gym near work and got a quick WO in. Feeling worn out this week. Long work hours, not sleeping or eating enough. Wanted to get a little work in. Started with incline/BOR superset. Incline was pretty good, but was really hoping that 3x8 with 80#DB’s would be good work, but not overly taxing. Didn’t quite get the last rep. BOR was good. Then I superseded OHP with pulldowns. Just did 2 sets each, which was enough for today (tired and caloric deficit all week). Next I did some rope pushdowns with crunches. Finished up with some delt, curls and rear delt work. Pretty good little WO. In and out quickly.

I weighed 174.4 this morning.

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