Monday, March 28, 2016

Fri 3/25 - Upper

Workout: Golds

63 + 11 = 74 mins

I’m headed to the Great Smoky Mountains for some backpacking to Charlies Bunion on the AT this weekend, so I won’t be hitting the gym. Wanted to get a good WO in before. Did an upper WO Friday evening at Golds. Started with incline supersetted with pulldowns. Incline was really good, especially given a fairly significant deficit this week. By the end of a week of cutting my gym performance normally suffers. 4 heavy sets, then raised angle of incline for a 5th set. I started pulldowns at 100#’s and dropped to 90. 100 would’ve required some cheating in later sets to get the rep range I wanted. Next I supersetted shoulder press with iso rows. I had to go lighter than I thought I would on rows, but I think that was because of heavy pulldowns.

Next I did incline fly’s with crunches. Then I did 3 sets pushdowns with 2 sets each of cable lateral and rear delt raises.  Finished up with a set of incline/hammer curls. I got 15/15 for reps, which is the most I’ve gotten at this weight.  Really good WO. Now off time for a mini refeed so I have some energy for the mountains tomorrow.

I weighed 171.4 this morning. Good downward progression. Feeling good.

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