Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sat 3/5 - Upper (YMCA Gym)

Workout: YMCA
(85#Inc)8,6,6, 65x8,8

94 + 11 = 105 mins

Made it through the first week of work. Only worked out once on Wednesday morning. This morning I went up to Cornelius to the YMCA on Lake Norman. Had an awesome WO. Started with heavy incline and was pleased with reps here. It's always a bit different with different benches, different DB's, so I was really pleased to get 8 reps on the first set. 3 heavy sets, then I raised the angle of the incline and did 2 sets with 65#'s. Supersetted incline with seated rows. Next I did OHP supersetted with reverse grip pulldowns. I'd planned on 3 sets, but it was feeling good. I would've preferred v-bar pulldowns, but I was working in with someone else on the pulldown machine.

Next I did skull crusheres with lying leg raises. Then supersetted incline cable fly's with DB delt work.  Next I did incline curls with cable delt raises. Finished up with some standing cable rows, rear delt work and crunches.  GREAT WO! Then I went and ate Bobbeeo's BBQ.

I weighed 172.4 this morning. Feeling good.  Refeed today, about maintenance on Sunday will be the plan, then back to cutting during the week.

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