Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sat 3/12 - Pull (LA Fitness)

Workout: LA Fitness

53 + 7 = 60

Back in Leesburg and I hit the gym for a pull day. Tomorrow will be push. Started with 2-arm iso rows for 3 sets, superseded with heavy crunches. Added 2 lighter sets of 1-arm rows. Next I did vbar pulldowns supersetted with body weight crunches. Then I did seal rows.  Finished up with rear delt fly’s supersetted with incline/hammer curl combo. Started out with 35#DB’s and dropped to 30’s.  Good pull WO. I was tempted to do more, but the last time I did a heavy pull/push split like this, I really hammered the pull day and was still worn out for the push WO the next day. So today, although this was plenty of volume, I didn’t go too crazy. ;)

I was home in Leesburg for the weekend so I didn’t have scale or weigh myself. I ate a fair amount most of the weekend and weight will be high on Monday.

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