Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wed 3/25 - Lower

Workout: Work Gym

39 + 4 w/u = 43 mins

Not much time for a WO but got in a quick lower body day. Supersetted squats (ass to grass) with cable crunches. Cable crunches felt awesome today. I think the leverage/angle is a bit different from the setup at LA Fitness, because these felt different and MUCH better. Next I supersetted SLDL with torture twists. Holding heavy DB's bothered my left forearm and I could barely hold the weight for all reps.  Finished up with leg ext, leg curl and a little triceps work (just for a little more volume). I only did 2 sets of leg curls. I was planning on 3 but my hamstrings were on fire and started cramping.

Nice quick WO.


I weighed 186.4 this morning.

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