Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tue 3/3 - Upper (Work gym - Shoulder Press PR)

Workout: Work Gym
(65#DBShldr)10,9,8,7 - Awesome! Big rep PR.

42 + 10 w/u = 52 mins

Hit the gym for a quick WO over lunch. Met Brian there and although we were both doing an upper WO, supersetting push/pull, we chose different exercises. DB shoulder press was AWESOME. My previous best with 65#DB's was 8,7,7 I believe. Today I got 10,9,8,7. Awesome and no shoulder pain. I supersetted these with Seal Rows which were really good as well.

Next I supersetted incline, pulldowns and crunch twists. Incline bothered my shoulder on a warmup set and I managed through 3 light-ish sets of all paused reps and not locking out on top to keep as much tension on the pecs as possible while still trying to save my shoulder. Felt OK. Pulldowns were good and I went 5#'s heavier on crunch twists than normal...and the reps each set dropped. They were tough!

Finished up with overhead triceps extensions that felt awesome. Hadn't done these in a little while. Supersetted with upright rows for more reps than usual.  Awesome short but sweet WO! Very pleased. Love these shorter WO's where I focus on giving a smaller # of exercises my best effort. Should always do this.

I weighed 185.0 this morning.

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