Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tue 3/24 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness
(80#Inc)10,8,8,7,50x13P (best incline work in a couple weeks)

67 + 10 w/u = 77 mins

Started with incline today. I haven't gone heavy in a while and thought 80#DB's were going to feel real heavy, but they didn't. I wanted to do 2 heavy sets just to get a little bit of heavier work, but it felt good and shoulder didn't seem too bad so I did 4 sets plus a back-off set. The backoff set felt super light at first and I thought I should've gone heavier, but these got plenty hard the last 3-4 reps. I supersetted incline with barbell rows. Felt good to do them out of the Smith machine. These got heavy as well but felt good.

Next I supersetted shoulder press in the iso-lateral machine with seal rows and revers crunches. I bumped the weight on shoulder press, went lighter on seal rows after just doing 4 sets of BOR. Tough triple set. Worked hard on all.  Then I supersetted DB pullovers with incline curls. I bumped the weight on pullovers. Still working on these. Feel them working, but still not quite sure about them. Going to keep at them because I want the extra upper chest work. Curls were good.

Next I supersetted pushdowns with pulldowns. Had to go lighter on pushdowns because pullovers really end up working the tri's quite a bit. Finished up with fly's and crunches.

I weighed 187.2 this morning. Felt pretty big after WO. Not looking forward to shrinking when I start my cut here fairly soon.

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