Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thu 3/12 - Upper (work gym)

Workout: Work Gym

40 + 7 w/u = 47 mins

Quick WO at lunch. Started with incline and did paused reps on all sets. 3 good "heavy-ish" sets and a back-off set. Really concentrating on keeping shoulders retracted and not locking out on reps so shoulders don't protract and cause pain. This makes reps quite a bit harder by not locking out. Back-off set felt great, light at first but as reps got over 10 they started to get tough. Supersetted incline with BOR. BOR felt real good.

Next I supersetted shoulder press and v-bar pulldowns. I thought 45#DB's would feel lighter on shoulder press, but after incline these felt plenty heavy. Pulldowns were ok.

To finish up the workout I supersetted (quad-setted?) pushdowns, incline curls, lateral delt raises and rear delt fly's for 2 sets in a circuit fashion. I would've liked to do a 3rd set but was out of time.  In and out w/ a shower in an hour. Loving these quick but intense and effective WO's.

I weighed 185.2 this morning. Been hovering right around 185-186 for a while now and feeling good.

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