Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wed 4/19 - Upper (great WO!)

Workout: Snap Fitness

41 + 8 = 49 mins

Evening WO with Sarah. I was debating on whether to go heavy or moderate today. I felt good during warmup, so I decided to go fairly heavy, but low volume. Want to go heavy this weekend.We started with incline and I got 2 great controlled sets with 80#DB’s and a back-off paused set with 70’s. First set felt easy. 2nd set went really well and back-off set felt great. Very pleased with these at this weight. Pulldowns were fairly heavy for first 2 sets. Two women were using the pulldown machine when we were up for our 3rd set, so we did a set of pull-ups. I did 15, which was great, especially after already doing 2 sets of heavy pulldowns. Great first superset of exercises.

Then we did shoulder press with inverted rows. Two sets of 10 on shoulder press was an improvement over last WO.  Then we did overhead triceps extensions with curls (1 EZ bar, 1 hammer curl).My right elbow didn’t feel great during tri extensions.  Then we did a combination of rear delt work, heavy crunches and a set of chest raises.  FANTASTIC WO. In and out in under 50 mins. Hit it hard, but with fairly low volume so I should be able to be ready for back-to-back WO’s this weekend. Plan is to do a moderate, low volume WO on Saturday, start refeed and hit it hard onSunday.

I weighed 170.6 this morning. Feeling very strong after last night’s WO for this weight and about 4 weeks into the diet.  As I write this (Thursday AM), I weighed 168.8 this morning. Definite refeed this weekend and then I might take a week at maintenance for a diet break and hopefully help my shoulder and elbow heal a bit.

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