Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tue 4/4 - Upper

Workout: Golds

37 + 11 = 48 mins

WO over lunch today. I was going to do push/pull today and tomorrow, but ended up deciding to just do an upper today. I plan to do a light upper Thursday and then a heavy WO on the weekend. I started with DB incline and the pulldown machine I like at Golds. I didn’t know how my shoulder would feel today and wasn’t necessarily planning on going as heavy as I did on incline. Felt pretty good during warmups and incline was really good. Pulldowns felt great. I hadn’t used this machine in a couple of weeks…I’d kind of forgotten about it.

Next I did should press with 1-arm iso rows. Both of these were good.  Then I did a combination of triceps, bi’s, rear delts and weighted crunches.  I did leg raises in the Captains Chair during warmups.  Very pleased with this WO.

I weighed 176.0 this morning.  Pretty good considering a 3-day weekend with Joe in town. Lowest I've been on a Tuesday since starting the diet.

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