Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tue 4/25 - Upper

Workout: Golds

37 + 10 = 47 mins

Quick WO over lunch. Incline felt a bit heavier than I thought it would. Reps were controlled and paused, but I think I was still feeling the WO’s from the weekend. Pulldowns on the machine were good. Love this machine.  Then I did shoulder press with 1-arm iso rows. Next I did rope extensions and straight barbell curls. Rope extensions bothered my elbow a fair amount. Have to stay on top of that.  Finished up with some heavy weighted crunches, rear delt fly’s and chest flys. Nothing special, but decent work.

I weighed 176.4 this morning. I was 180#’s Monday morning (yesterday) after weekend refeed. Overdid it. I’ve been dieting for about 6 weeks and got down to 167#’s last week. This week will be a bit of a diet break. I’ll still be under maintenance since I’ve been having weekend refeeds during the 6 weeks, but won’t diet as hard as I have been.

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