Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sun 4/23 - Upper Power

Workout: Snap Fitness

53 + 10 = 63 mins

After refeed yesterday, goal of today’s WO is to go heavy and work hard. Started with incline/bent-over-row superset. Incline started well for first 2 sets just like last time with 85#’s. TodayI wanted to do 4 sets with 85#’s rather than dropping to 80’s. On the 3rd set, I couldn’t get the DB’s into place because of my R shoulder. I had to take a minute and then grabbed the 80’s. Barely got them into place. Did 2 sets with 80#’s and then raised incline angle and did a set with 65# DB’s. I was a bit disappointed, but this was still actually fairly good work. The BOR’s went well but definitely got heavy in the latter sets. Then I did shoulder press machine and pulldowns.

Next I did heavy overhead triceps extensions (2 heavy sets + a back-off set) with 2 sets EZ bar curls and a set of hammer curls. Next I did 2 sets heavy rear delt pulls with heavy weighted crunches. Then I did chest fly with more crunches. Good WO.

I weighed 176.0 this morning. Yikes, didn’t want to be quite that high.

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