Friday, December 23, 2016

Wed 12/21 - Upper

Workout: Golds

47 + 7 = 54 mins

Started with DB incline. 65#’s felt good so I bumped to 70#’s. Trying to take it easy and keep reps at at least 8. 3 good sets of real controlled paused reps. Supersetted incline with a new plate loaded pulldown machine I liked. The Golds gym is getting almost all new equipment. Hope I like it. Newer isn’t always better. One of my favorite gyms is the gym we go to at Hilton Head every year. It’s old school and half the equipment is rusty, but it’s great.

Next I did DB shoulder press supersetted with plate loaded rows. Normally I like doing these 1 arm at a time, but to save a few minutes, I did them 2-armed.  Next I did rope extensions with crunches. I did the crunches with a plate on my chest, reversed on the back extension machine. I finished up with preacher curls (bumped the weight from what I’ve been doing), crunches and rear delt work.  Good WO. Felt a bit better about my pressing today.

Weight was 172.8 this morning. Feeling good. I’d like to be “bulking” and really trying to add a bit of muscle this winter but I can’t really push the weights too hard due
to my shoulders and I don’t just want to add fat.

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