Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wed 12/14 - Push Day

Workout: Golds

37 + 7 = 43 mins

Push Day, mainly because I wanted to work out today and also want to have a workout tomorrow on my 45th birthday. Started with shoulder press and it went a little better than last WO from a # of reps perspective, but something still going on with my left shoulder I can’t figure out. No pain, just weak. Supersetted with weighted crunches. Then I did 2 sets DB incline, controlled paused reps with short rest. This should be a warmup weight, not a working weight. Supersetted with BW crunches. Next were 3 sets pullovers. Plan was for 2-3 sets of skull crushers next. During the first set my left shoulder felt REALLY unstable when weight was at the top. Weird and made me nervous, so I switched to  rope extensions for the last 2 sets.

Weight was 171.8 this morning. Down from about 178 after the weekend.

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