Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thu 12/15 - Pull day - Birthday Pullup WO

Workout: Golds

49 + 5 = 55 mins

Pull day. Decided to celebrate my 45th birthday workout with 45 pull-ups.  I was hoping I could get 45 in 4 sets, but couldn’t do it. I went 15,10,9,9 (43), then rested a minute and did 4 more to get over 45. Haven’t been doing pull-ups much, so I was fairly pleased even though it took more than 4 sets.  Then I did 1-arm iso rows that felt great. Next I did rear delt DB raises.  Then I did preacher curls with light rear delt fly’s. Finished up with some seated rows. Really good pull WO.

Weight was 171.6 this morning.  Pretty decent shape for 45 :)

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