Monday, January 25, 2016

Mon 1/25 - Push

Workout: LA Fitness

65 + 10 w/u = 75 mins

Got the the gym over lunch. Roads are dicey. Decided to do a push day because my back is fairly fatigues from shoveling out from 3+ feet of snow. Started with incline supersetted with heavy weighted crunches. Incline was good. I haven't had the chance to go heavy in a couple of weeks, so I was pleased with these reps. Then we increased the angle of the incline 2 levels and did 2 sets. Then we moved on to standing overhead press supersetted with abs. I knew I couldn't go very heavy on OHP, but was pleased with these 4 sets.

Next we did skull crushers. My wrists have been bothering me quite a bit lately and they hurt on the first set of skulls. I think skull crushers might be the culprit. So, we just did 2 sets. I'll have to back off these for a while, unfortunately. Maybe do them every other WO or once a week. We finished up with some overhead rope extensions for triceps and 2 sets of fly's. I bumped the weight up on fly's and they were good.

179.0 this morning. I've been really active with snow shoveling and walking the last couple of days, but also been eating a lot of carbs and sugar/candy while being stuck home due to the blizzard.

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