Friday, January 29, 2016

Fri 1/29 - Push day (awesome WO!)

Workout: LA Fitness

75 + 11 w/u = 86 mins

Push WO this morning. Since my last push day started with heavy incline, I started with heavy OHP today. I was planning on bumping up the weight to 125#'s, but during warmups I decided to put 45# plates on the bar and give 135#"s a shot. I haven't tried this weight in a LONG time. It was heavy, but I was really pleased with getting 5 sets of 5 reps. The last rep on the last two sets I used a little leg drive to get the weight moving, but all other reps were good clean reps. I did a drop set to 95 pounds for the 6th set. I supersetted heavy crunches with OHP. Great superset.

Next I did 3 sets of incline. I couldn't go real heavy after OHP, but this weight felt great. Really controlled reps. Next I did shoulder press in the iso lateral plate loaded machine. I haven't done these in a long time and they were great to finish off my pressing. Since the gym wasn't very crowded, I did incline cable fly's supersetted with DB pullovers. Then I finished up with rope extensions (triceps) supersetted with delt work.  For delt work, I did heavy DB raises followed immediately with cable lateral raises.

Just a GREAT WO today. Very pleased.

I weighed 173.6 this morning. Very pleased with WO and my weight today.

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