Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sun 1/10 - Upper & end of mini-cut

Workout: LA Fitness

72 + 10 w/u = 82 mins

Started with incline and got 4 really goo working sets with 80#DB's. Supersetted with 2-arm iso rows. Raised angle of incline and did 3 more sets supersetted with 1-arm iso rows.  Next I did seated OHP with vbar pulldowns. I started too heavy on OHP following all the incline pressing. Dropped the weight for 2 more good sets. Pulldowns were good.

Next I supersetted skull crushers, upright rows and abs. Skull crushers were ok. Fatigued after a lot of pressing. 50#DB's for upright rows were heavy. I really had to work hard on these. Finished up the WO with some curls, rear delts and fly's.  Awesome WO to cap the week of cutting.

I weighed 174.0 this morning. Refeed day today.  I started the mini-cut on Monday and averaged 1,750 calories a day. Slightly lower on rest days (~1,500) and higher on WO days (~2,000).  This was a bit over 1,000/day calorie deficit.  So I probably lost close to 2 pounds of FAT. Weight went from 186.6 to 174.0 in 6 days.

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