Friday, January 22, 2016

Sat/Sun - 1/16-1/17 - PA Hike (Pics)

Sat 1/16
Susquehanna River to Peters Mountain Shelter. 9.1 miles. About 5 hours.
Steep climb to start, then ridge walking with great views of the river on both sides of the ridge.  The river kind of circled around the part of the mountain we were on, so the view was really neat seeing the river on both sides most of the afternoon.  Got down to the mid 20's at night. It was chilly, but we were warm enough. We pitched our tent inside the shelter. That's generally frowned upon, but it was a large double decker shelter (18 person capacity) and there were only 7 of us there.

Sun 1/17
Peters Mountain Sheler to PA 325. 6.7 miles.
Woke up and got moving for this short 2nd day. Nice hike with mostly ridge walking again until the trail headed down off the mountain to the road and a creek where the car was waiting.

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