Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tue 10/27 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym

46 + 10 = 56 mins

Hit the gym at lunch today. Started out with weighted pullups during incline warm-up. I did 2 weighted sets and two body weight sets. I hadn't done weighted pullups in a while, but last time I did them I think I did 4x8, so I dropped off from that a bit. Still good pullups. Body weight one's felt great. Incline was OK. I should've gone lighter since I pushed fairly hard on Sunday and am not used to higher frequency/volume yet. I was going to superset incline fly's with BOR, but I stopped fly's a couple reps into the first set. They really bothered my R shoulder. So instead, I supersetted weighted crunches with BOR. Both were good.

I finished up with a triple set of overhead triceps extensions, incline curls and rear delt work. I hadn't done overhead triceps extensions in months and thought I should change things up from skull crushers occasionally. They were good. Good WO in under an hour.

I weighed 169.6 this morning, down from 172.6 yesterday after a fairly big eating weekend.

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