Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wed 10/7 - Upper & Doc Appt

Workout: Work Gym
(75#Inc)3x8 Paused

30 mins

Went to the doc first thing in the morning. Not good news right before a 5-day hike on the AT. Fluid in ears, glands swollen, sinus infection and lungs are rattling. Hiking up to, and at, 6,000 feet may not be very fun. Anyway, had a small window after doc appointment and before a team meeting at work, so I stopped into the gym in my work clothes (jeans and a sweater today). Just worked out in jeans and t-shirt.

This was actually a good little WO in under 30 mins in and out the door. Supersetted incline and pulldowns. Incline was real controlled paused reps. Then I supersetted skull crushers and incline curl. I was going to add some ab work to this superset, but I was starting to get sweaty and didn't want to get wet and chilled.

I weighed 169.6 this morning.

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