Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thu 10/1 - Upper + PT

Workout: Work Gym

62 + 10 = 72mins

Today I decided that while warming up my shoulders, I'd go ahead and superset my warmup sets of incline with bent over rows. I liked this setup and it let me get some good work in while warming up my body parts that need the attention most. 4 sets of BOR, 2 underhand grip, 2 overhand. Then I did 4 working sets of incline supersetted with v-bar pulldowns. I didn't want to go heavy on incline today, and did long paused reps, but 65#DB's felt heavier than they should've. Good work though.  V-bar pulldowns had to be lighter after 4 sets BOR, but they were good.

Next I did skull crushers supersetted with incline curls. Skull crushers first set felt real heavy (normally get 9-10 reps here) so I dropped after 1st set. Incline curls were OK. 2 sets, then a set of hammer curls. Then I did rear delt fly machine with crunches. I did one set of rope pushdowns and that bothered my shoulder, so I stopped w/ 1 set. Finished up with shoulder PT and stretching for shoulder/bicep and legs. Legs are quite sore after my leg WO on Tues.


I weighed 170.0 this morning.


  1. Hi Kip

    I am enjoying your blog and your journey very much - I am on a similar track.
    It would be great to see a post covering what you have felt has worked best over the years in terms of fat loss / lean muscle - diet / macros / refeeds / cardio / supplements and all the various elements that help the process and what you have learned by trial and error. Thanks, Peter

    1. Thanks for the feedback Peter! That's a great suggestion and what I really wanted this blog to be about in the beginning...sharing ideas/concepts/programs/tips that worked and those that didn't. Somehow it turned into a workout log over the years :). I'll put something along those lines together and post in the next couple of days. Thanks again.

    2. That's great - thanks. I would love to ask you a few questions offline, maybe via e-mail if you are open to that?

    3. Sure thing. My mail is "kipowens at gmail dot com"