Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tue 11/22 - Push day (Ida Lee)

Workout: Ida Lee

55 + 5 = 60 mins

Push day at Ida Lee. Didn’t want to go real heavy today, and I didn’t on shoulder press, but really pushed everything else and had a great WO. Started withshoulder press, starting each set at 3 min intervals, so about 2-2.5 mins rest. Wanted a good shoulder stimulation and not go near failure. Then I did side inclinewith reverse crunches. I bumped up the weight on side incline and pushed crunches for AMRAP each set.  Then we did pullovers with crunches. Then we went for 2 heavy sets, plus a drop set on skull crushers. Finished up with rear delt fly’s with DB’s and then bands. Good WO.

Eating hasn’t gotten too out of control yet. Feeling good.

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