Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sat 11/26 - Upper

Workout: Ida Lee

78 + 10 = 88 mins

WO at Ida Lee this morning before getting on the road to head back to Charlotte. Started with DB shoulder press and decided to give 70#DB’s a shot. Too heavy. I got 5 reps, but the 5th I needed an assist from Sarah so I’m calling it 4. Then 65#’s for 3 sets, then an awesome set w/ 60’s and a drop set to 45’s. Great work.  Supersetted these with heavy pulldowns. I started at 220#’s, but that was a bit too heavy so I dropped to 200. 5 heavy sets, plus a back-off set.

Today I decided to do light DB Incline. I haven’t done incline in over 12 weeks because of my shoulder. It didn’t feel great, and the movement felt odd to me since I hadn’t done it in so long. Interesting that it felt so un-natural since it’s been my main push movement for several years. Supersetted incline with machine seated rows.

Next we didd rope extensions with preacher curls. Finished up with 4 sets of reverse crunches and a combination of 2 sets rear delt fly’s and 2 sets rear delt band pulls. Great WO. This ended a week of 4 really good WO’s.

Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday and again Friday may very well have pushed me over the edge.

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