Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wed 11/23 - Pull Day (weighted pullups)

Workout: Ida Lee

40 + 5 = 45 mins

Pull day today at Ida Lee. We didn’t have much time, so rest times were short. I hadn’t done weighted pull-ups in a LONG time, so I didn’t add a lot of weight. I put a 25#DB betweenmy legs and got 8,8,6.  Not bad on short rests. Then I did 4 sets seated rows plus a 5th drop set of 20 reps.  Then we did cable crunches with reverse grip pulldowns. I used to do heavy cable crunches ALL the time. Probably haven’t done them in over a year. Then I did preacher curls with rear delts. Finished up with some more light rear delt fly’s.  Good WO in a short time.

Still not totally off the rails. Yet. :)

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