Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sat 11/19 - Upper (Ida Lee Gym)

Workout: Ida Lee
(60#DBShldr)4x8 (the 65#DB's were missing)

55 + 8 = 63 mins

Sarah and I went to Ida Lee in Leesburg for an early morning WO. For some reason the 65#DB’s were missing, which was frustrating, so I had to go down to 60#’s. I don’t think I’m ready to bump up to 70#DB’s for shoulder press quite yet. I got 4x8, which was really good considering two weeks ago I was getting 5-6 reps. Progress! Supersetted these with heavy pulldowns. Hardest I’ve worked on pulldowns in quite a while. Reminded me of how I have to work when doing weighted pull-ups. Next I did side incline with seated rows. I tried a chest press machine and my shoulder wasn’t having any of it, hence the side incline.  Felt good.

Next was accessory work. Rope extension supersetted with preacher curls. Then heavy rear delt fly’s/raises with reverse crunches.  Really good WO. Very pleased.

Won’t be tracking nutrition or weight while on break in Leesburg for Thanksgiving. Hope I can keep things under control to some degree.

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