Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sat 7/15 - Push Day

Workout: Snap Fitness

60 +  8 = 68 mins

Push day today. Warmup felt good so I went with 85# dumbbells to start. Got 2 very nice sets and then dropped to 80#’s for a 3rd heavy set. Last WO I used 85#DB’s, my R shoulder buckled on the 3rd set so I tried to play it safe/smart today. Worked out better than last time. We did reverse crunches with these 3 sets of incline. Then we raised the angle of  incline several settings and did 3 more sets of incline with weighted crunches.  Good. Hard work.

Next we did shoulder press machine with Russian Twists (w/ medicine ball). Next were chest fly’s with heavy OH Triceps extensions. Died on 2nd set, backed off for 3rd set. Finished up with pullovers and rope extensions.  Pullovers works chest and a lot of triceps, so rope extensions had to be lightened on 2nd set.  Very nice WO. Very pleased with heavy incline.

I weighed 166.8 this morning. Very nice. One downside of losing weight/water so quickly this week is that I’ve been having very bad leg cramps at night. Extremely painful. Going to eat a fair amount today and this weekend. Back to diet Monday AM.

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