Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sat 7/1 - Upper (heavy)

Workout: Snap Fitness

64 + 10 = 74 mins

Warmups felt pretty good and I decided to go with 85#DB’s. First set was great at 9 reps. 2nd set started well but I misgrooved a rep with my R arm and got pinned. Had to bail on the set. Right shoulder pretty painful. Dropped to 75#’s for 2 sets and 65#’s for a set. Paired incline with seated cable rows with the stack. Disappointed with the 2nd set of incline, but still good work. Then we did shoulder press and pulldowns.

Next we did skull crushers for 2 sets, plus a drop set with heavy curls for 2 sets, plus a set of hammer curls and weighted crunches. Finished up with face pulls, fly’s and crunch twists. Good WO despite
the 2nd set of incline.

I weighed 173.4 this morning.

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