Monday, May 22, 2017

Sun 5/21 - Upper (heavy) - Very good strength this late in diet

Workout: Snap Fitness

68 + 10 = 78 mins

Didn’t feel motivated or refreshed this morning like I thought I should after light WO and some food yesterday. I didn’t have great expectations for the hard WO this morning. Started with incline and pulldowns. Incline was great the first 2 sets. Kind of died on the 3rd and got 8 reps with last rep needed an assist. Calling it 7 reps. Then we raised the steepness of the incline and did 2 back-off  sets that didn’t feel much like back-off sets :).  I went really heavy on pulldowns and worked hard for 3 sets, plus a back-off set.  Really pleased with first set of exercises.  Good work.  I do wish I could go heavier on incline. My R shoulder prevents me from being able to really get heavier DB’s in place without a lot of pain, but ideally I’d be using 85-90#DB’s in the 6-8 rep range, not 80#’s with first two sets of 11,10.  Happy I’m still able to do that though.

Then we did machine shoulder press and seated rows. I went heavier than I have on shoulders and got good reps. I don’t like the seated row machine at Snap. Feel like it’s all arms for me. Would’ve rather done BOR, but was a bit worried about lower back with yard work and a lot of bending over yesterday and coming up after today’s WO.  Next we did skull crushers for 2 sets, plus a drop set. Killer. That was paired with 2 heavy sets EZ bar curls and a set of hammer curls.  Next were rear delts and heavy weighted crunches. Finished up with fly’s for 2 heavy sets and a drop set, and body weight crunches. This is the heaviest I’ve gone on chest fly’s and was very pleased.

I weighed 172.6 this morning after big sushi dinner last night. Very pleased right now with weight loss and ability to retain strength. This far into a diet I’ve normally lost pressing strength. I attribute it to slower weight loss due to weekly weekend refeeds, and I have not been overdoing it on volume or frequency.  I think I normally tend to grind myself into the ground when I’m dieting, thinking that working harder and as frequently will help.  It doesn’t.

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