Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wed 3/15 - Upper (and diet starts)

Workout: Golds

36 = 9 = 45 mins

Started RFL-like diet on yesterday. Yesterday macros were protein:214 (too low), carb:58, fat: 17, calories: 1,245.  This diet will have more diet breaks for backpacking trips, but diet days will break down something like the following:
Protein: 250+g
Carbs: 50-60g
Fat: 20g
Calories: 1,500

Maintenance calories for me right now is about 2,700, so I’ll be in a 1,200+ calorie daily deficit.

First WO on the diet has always been really good, and today was no exception. Heavy steep DB incline and heavy pulldowns were both very good for 3 sets. Next I supersetted shoulder
press, seated rows and weighted crunches. Shoulder press was good as well. Next I did 2 sets overhead triceps extension (good) and 1 set incline curls. Finished up with some leg
raises in the captain’s chair and some rear delt work.  Very solid WO.

WO’s while on the diet will be less frequent, less volume, and I’ll try to keep things at least moderately heavy. In the past, I’ve felt good when starting a diet and pushed things
really hard with too much volume and frequency because I was feeling good. This time, I’m going to try to stick to the lower frequency and volume while trying to maintain weights used.
This diet will be different because I’m also going to be doing some backpacking during it, so I’ll need to take diet breaks on those days and eat a lot more so I don’t crash on a
mountain somewhere and have Sarah carry me out :-D

I weighed 177.2 this morning, down from 183.2 on Monday.

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