Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thu 3/23 - Upper

Workout: Golds

40 + 7 = 47 mins

Started WO today with shoulder press instead of incline today to change the movement pattern focus a bit. Planned on doing 50#DB’s on shoulder press, but I’ve been doing that after incline, so I bumped up to 60#DB’s. Good weight, 65#DB’s would’ve been too heavy. Supersetted shoulder press with heavy pulldowns. Then I did incline, seated row and chest raise combination. Incline was controlled, paused reps. Felt good. 8-9 reps here was definitely work. I did seated rows with a straight bar with underhand grip. I wanted to do chest raises because I hadn’t done them in a while. Next I did overhead DB triceps extensions with cable crunches and a set of EZ bar curls. Finished up with some more crunches and rear delt work. Solid WO.

Just checked my log. That shoulder press with 60# DB’s was a lot better than I thought, especially since I haven’t done that as a main heavy movement for several months. Very nice!

I weighed 174.6. Feeling pretty good.

Calories are 1,200-1,400 a day with ~245g protein.  Do the math. There's not a whole lot else besides protein. Some fish oil, broccoli and spinach. My one comfort food I can't give up for the duration of the diet is fat free greek yogurt with 30g of fiber1 every night. That's under 25g carbs though.

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