Monday, March 27, 2017

Sun 3/26 - Upper - Power

Workout: Snap Fitness

72 + 10 = 82 mins

Started with DB Incline and pulldowns. Incline was pretty good, but the bench at snap fitness is narrow and at a fairly steep angle so I have a hard time getting heavy DB’s into place. The bench at Golds in much better. Got 3 good sets and dropped to 75#’s because my R shoulder wasn’t feeling very happy. Pulldowns were heavy! I went heavier on shoulder press than normal and got good reps. Combined these with seated rows.  Then we did overhead triceps extensions with curls. I bumped the weight on triceps; heavy but good. For biceps, I did a set of incline curls, hammer curls and ez bar curls. Liked this combo.  Next I did chest raises (heavier than normal), rear delt DB raises and chest fly’s. Finished up with 4 sets of weighted crunches.

Good WO and I didn’t feel too fatigued from yesterday’s WO, which means I didn’t over do it yesterday.

I weighed 177.2 this morning after refeed yesterday.

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